To Bring

Please bring all relevant income documents. We will be unable to begin your return if any key income information is missing.


  • Social Security Card (or ITIN) for each person listed on the return

  • Photo Identification for you and your spouse if filing jointly

  • Your Spouse must be present to sign the return

  • Routing and Account Numbers for your Checking and/or Savings Account if direct depositing

  • Last Year’s Tax Return (Preferred)

Tax Forms (If Applicable)

  • Wages - W-2

  • Interest - 1099-INT

  • Dividends - 1099-DIV

  • Retirement Plans - 1099-R

  • Gambling Winnings - W-2G

  • Social Security Benefits - SSA-1099

  • Miscellaneous Income - 1099-MISC

  • Sale of Stock - Consolidated Form 1099-B

  • Tuition - 1098-T and a detailed Student Account Statement

  • Health Insurance Information - 1095-A,B,C

  • Rideshare Summary Page

Additional Deductions (May or may not apply)

  • Records of Charitable Contributions

  • Homeowner Mortgage Interest - 1098

  • Property Tax Bill

  • DMV Registration Form

  • Interest You Paid on Student Loans - 1098-E

  • Day Care Expenses you Paid for your Children - Bring Provider's Name, Address, & Tax ID or SSN

  • Landlord Info - Name, Address, and Phone Number

  • Business Incomes and Expenses